Please, This site is to remind, Not to sell

There a couple of reasons, why we have put these websites together

  1.  I have noticed that a lot of forms of these plants have disappeared from view either due to difficulty to propagate them or just forgotten overtime
  2.  We certainly don't have all of these varieties available but we will be delighted if you show interest and enquire so we know what would be a good idea to propagate in the future
  3. The other reason this is just our Picture Library. If I have got something wrong please correct me, Your welcome to add comments in the reviews or maybe send us better pictures.

The other parts of the our group of websites which are purely for reference:   A-Z of Azaleas, Camellia Grove, Hydrangea Haven and

This site is purely for a reference if you’re looking to buy something now, I would recommend you go to our main site at Loder Plants,  Which I do try to keep it up to date with what we have in stock.